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Volumetric Light












AGROB BUCHTAL / Competition



Volumetric Light aims to explore the aesthetics of tile through the light. In this project we pretended to explore the use of tile by applying this material in different ways and angles and maximizing it's expression through the light design. The concept was to create a special temple for relaxation that could be located in different landscapes, whether one wanted to experiment this            meditation spa hub in some magical tropical forest, a paradise beach, a peaceful white snow landscape, or even in the middle of some urban area!


The space design was inspired by the expression of a quartz crystal cluster in the sense of exploring a rougher exterior versus a glazed  dynamic interior.


In order to achieve this effect we had the great opportunity to have the help of the experts from AGROB BUCHTAL to select the right products. We have chosen for the exterior a 30x60 cm natural stone color brown tile from the series Portland due to its particular dynamism and diversified surfaces. For the structure and size of the meditation temple were thought to be easily built in different sites and with the less resources possible. Having this in mind we developed a wooden waffle system parametric structure, that could be produced using a cnc machine, and then covered with tiles. The parametric structure was developed using a visual programming language (Grasshopper) and a 3D modelling software (Rhino 3D), allowing us to very quickly make any change and optimization needed, as well as re-size the project according to different sceneries wanted. Description of sceneries and accessories.